Best coconut oil to cook with

Which coconut oil is good for cooking? Due to its mild flavor and high smoke point, refined coconut oil is a better choice for baking and cooking. However, minimally processed unrefined coconut oil may be better for skin and hair care, as well as certain dietary preferences. Which brand of coconut oil is best? Best … Read more

Boiling steak in a bag

How long do you boil steak in a bag? Place each steak inside its own large resealable bag. (Use a BPA-free brand, such as Ziploc.) Squeeze out as much air as possible from each bag, and then seal. Place the bagged steaks in the water and cook them for 30 minutes. What is it called … Read more

Boston butt on pellet grill pit boss

How long does it take to cook a Boston butt on a pit boss pellet grill? Answer: If you’re using a Pit Boss smoker, you want to cook your pork butt for 1.5 hours per pound at 225°F. How long does it take to cook a 10 lb Boston butt on a pellet grill? You … Read more

Baking soda and vinegar drano

Can you unclog a drain with baking soda and vinegar? Drop in 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain. Pour in 1 cup of vinegar, cover the drain with a plug and let sit for 10 minutes – you will hear fizzing. Rinse with more hot water. How long does baking soda and vinegar … Read more

Best raisins for baking

Whats the difference between Sultana and Thompson raisins? Sultanas are made from green seedless grapes, particularly the Thompson Seedless variety. Unlike raisins, sultanas are typically coated in an oil-based solution prior to drying to speed up the process. These grapes take longer to dry — up to three weeks — and are dark brown in … Read more

Best oil for grilling chicken

What is the best oil for grilling? Most grill manufacturers recommend canola or peanut oil because they have a smoke point over 450° F. You can also use vegetable oil, sunflower oil or avocado oil. The high smoke points of these oils ensure that the oil won’t burn; which can ruin the seasoning process as … Read more

Bloody turkey

Can you eat a bloody turkey? This turkey is fully cooked, but the drumstick and thigh meat are pink around the joint. Since this is a small (i.e. young) turkey, it’s likely caused by hemoglobin leaching into the meat around the bone. While it might not be Pinterest-worthy, this bird is safe to eat. 3. … Read more

Baking soda on chicken

Does baking soda make crispy chicken? Baking soda is an alkaline, and it serves to break down something called the peptide bonds in the chicken’s skin. This makes the chicken brown more quickly, speeding up the crisping process. … These bubbles make the batter light as it is cooked, resulting in a deliciously crispy coating … Read more

Baking with flora

Can Flora be used for baking? If you’ve ever wondered, “Can you use Flora for baking?” the good news is: yes, you can! You will be pleased to know that you do not need to give up your favourite home-baked goodies just because you have made the switch from butter to a butter substitute. Is … Read more

Baking bread in a wood fired oven

What temperature do you bake bread in a woodfire oven? Temperatures: Both the Oven and Your Bread As a starting point, you should be loading your bread onto a hearth floor with a surface wood-fired oven temperature of about 500-550ºF; considerably lower than for pizza. How do you bake bread in a wood pizza oven? … Read more